Electric Fly Trap

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  • Clean House
    Get rid of all the flies on your house and instantly feel clean.
  • Clean Food 
    Never have any fly sitting on fresh fruits or vegetables to lay its eggs there.

  • Better Than Other Traps
    Most other traps use unhealthy chemicals to trap flies. The Electric Fly Trap is different since it relies on natural bait and physical movement for trapping flies securely.

  • Long Lasting
    The Electric Fly Trap is made from high-quality ABS-Plastic to ensure you can use it for at least the next twenty years.

  • Energy Savings & Easy To Use
    The Electric Fly Trap is easy to use and clean. It is also energy savingand connects just like a regular phone using an included USB cable.

  • All Included & Ready To Inmediately Use
    The Electric Fly Trap comes with all you need to start using it immediately. Below you can see how easy it actually is to use.

  • Protect Yourself From Dangerous Bacteria
    Recent research has found that food which a fly landed on can cause some serious diseases like stomach ulcers or stomach cancer. We recommend everybody to never eat food on which a fly did land on because it could damage your health. 


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