Flash Light Diffuser -Round Style

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Universal collapsible round speedlight flash diffuser soft box.

Diffusion material effectively spreads light evenly on your subject, there are no hotspots or dark areas on the front surface.

The diffuser together with your speedlight are the perfect soft & round light source.

A particularly simple folding mechanism and an perfectly even & circular illumination, simply pop out the ring to set up and fold away when not in use.

Easy to use, just mount it on the camera, perfect for portrait, product and macro photography in the studio.

The soft box greatly helps soften light steam and remove shadow to make perfect shooting, ideal photography accessories.



Material: Cloth, diffuser

Outer diameter: 45cm/17.71"
Inner diameter: 7cm/2.75"

Height: 16cm/3.14"

Color: Black

Compatible With: Lumix, Fujifilm, Leica, Pentax, Sony, Canon, Nikon



1. Please allow tiny size deviations due to human measurement.

2. Please be careful when taking out the diffuser box from the package bag, because it was storaged when compressed. Plus, you can twist it into a 8 shape, then fold away and put it in the bag again.


Package Included

1 x Speedlight Soft Box

1 x Storage Bag

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