Instant Voice™ Language Translator Device

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30+ Instant Voice -  Language Translator Device is the Innovative, Fun & Quintessential device that enables you to communicate in over 30 Languages!

ALL Supported Languages are interchangeable. Replies can be understood with a simple change to the settings! 

Whether you're trying to get by in a new country or simply learning a new language, this will be your go-to device for all of your translation needs!

*Update: Version 3.0 Has Been Released! 

  • New and Improved, Sleek design.
  • Upgraded Battery Life (30 Hours Standby)
  • 19+ Additional Languages Pre-Installed!
  • Improved Audio Output
  • 1-Year Warranty with Every Purchase

Ready-to-translate languages include: 

  • Simplified Chinese,
  • Cantonese, Sichuan dialect,
  • Traditional Chinese,
  • English (China),
  • English (US),
  • English (UK),
  • English (Australia),
  • English (India),
  • Hindi (India),
  • Korean,
  • Japanese,
  • French,
  • German,
  • French (Canada),
  • Spanish,
  • Spanish (Mexico),
  • Thai,
  • Italian,
  • Dutch,
  • Greek,
  • Portuguese,
  • Portuguese (Brazil),
  • Russian,
  • Arabic (Egypt),
  • Arabic (Saudi Arabia),
  • Arabic (International),
  • Hungarian,
  • Romanian,
  • Swedish,
  • Czech,
  • Finnish,
  • Danish,
  • Polish,
  • Turkish,
  • Vietnamese,
  • Ukrainian,
  • Slovak,
  • Norwegian,
  • Catalan,
  • Croatian

 WORKS BOTH WAYS! ALL Supported Languages are interchangeable. Replies can be understood with a simple change to the settings! 

 Super Mini Design: Very easy to use, portable for everyday use.  Easily fit it in your pocket, wallet for some translation on the go!

 High sensitivity and fidelity: Push the button on the device and hold it until you finish your speech. The translator will recognize what you said and speak out the translated result.

 Ready To Use Languages: Newest, upgraded version comes Pre-Loaded with over 30+ Languages!


Output Language: Russian,Chinese,English,Spanish,Portuguese,Italian,Japanese,French,Korean 
Input Language: English,Korean,Japanese,French,Spanish,Chinese,Portuguese,Russian,Italian
Style: Portable
Display Screen: No
Model Number: Voice Translator
Type: Voice Translation
Feture 1: russian language
Feture 2: voice translator
Feture 3: photo translator
Feture 4: text translator
Feture 5: traductor
Feture 6: traductor de voz
Feture 7: traducteur vocal
Feture 8: language translator
Feture 9: english language
Feture 10: translator portable
Feture 11: traductor de voz simultaneo

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